Coca-Cola Holiday Campaignn
Spreading Holiday Cheer, One Sip At A Time.

Coca-Cola Holiday Campaign

Brand Campaign | Package Design | Case StudyFall 2022

Project Overview

For this project, I took my knowledge and skill of graphic design to create a holiday campaign for a large company, Coca-Cola. I thought this would be a great challenge because of the cultural significance of Coke products, especially during the holiday season. I asked myself the question "How do I create something compelling for a company that doesn't need help with marketing?" and through lots of brainstorming, I created this unique and classy holiday campaign while staying within brand guidelines.


Perfect for any holiday party, I designed these to be festive and fun while still speaking to the pop-cultural significance of Coca-Cola . I decided to design three cans in the same manner as original cans (red and white) with one can having a night-sky gradient. The other two are the most unique, designed to resemble nutcrackers. To top it off, I designed the 12-pack packaging that the cans would come in, being sure to display what the cans look like and any other necessary information.

Mission Statement

Coca-Cola needs no introduction. For decades, Coke has been enjoyed by families all over the world. Joy to the World by Coca-Cola brings the holiday cheer to every celebration. Classic taste and endless fun comes in each pack. With limited edition packaging and can design, you'll want to get these under your tree to add to your collection this winter season.

Project Anatomy

When I decided to do this project, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself to work with an iconic brand and design within their brand guidelines while also creating something all my own. Coca-Cola has held a strong holiday campaign each winter, and has released a number of limited edition holiday cans. For this project, I chose to do the cans in addition to a holiday case packaging while also remaining within the Coca-Cola brand identity. The focus of the campaign is one-of-a-kind red and violet can the depicts a wintery night sky and snowy landscape. These cans are designed to be saved and/or cherished at holiday parties. Two other cans feature a more classic look with the entire can being red and feature holiday elements. The other two cans of the 5 designs are made to look like nutcrackers. These deviate the most from the traditional Coke can design, but also remain the most memorable of the bunch. All in all, these timeless designs speak to our inner-child and holiday magic with limited edition collectibles.

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