Dippin' Dots Rebrand
New Life. New Fun. Reviving A Childhood Classic.

Dippin' Dots Rebrand

Brand Identity | Merchandise | Social Media | Case StudyFall 2022

Project Overview

The current Dippin' Dots logo, while nostalgic to many of us, has lost its relevance to a younger audience. The logo is outdated and shows its age between its colors and typography. Applications of the logo are based on very simple and straightforward applications and does little to tell a story about the brand and their product. This project brought new life to the iconic Dippin' Dots ice cream brand.


I developed the refreshed logo and brand identity for Dippin' Dots, focussing on bringing the fun back into their product. You can't be the "Ice Cream of the Future" if you're living in the past. This refreshed identity reflects a timeless application that is fun for everyone! As the sole designer, I developed the new logo with refreshed color ways as well as new packaging to match flavors.

Mission Statement

Dippin' Dots is the ice cream we all know and love. From generation to generation, these delicious dots bring fun and joy all over the world. With the refreshed brand identity, Dippin' Dots is taking you back to your childhood and sharing the excitement one delectable dot at a time.

Brand Anatomy

Thanks for reading this far! Dippin' Dots has a strong nostalgic tone to their current branding. For many of us, we grew up with the iconic logo and it reminds us of the "ice cream of the future." However, as design moved forward, the identity fell behind. The direction I took for the refreshed Dippin' Dots identity focused on all the best parts of the ice cream. The brand brings so much joy into the lives of children and brightens the world with a fun product, so the brand should reflect that same energy. Saturated colors and rounded shapes pull this rejuvenation together and capture the youthful excitement in Dippin' Dots brand.

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