Flora & Fauna Café
Fun, Fresh, and Young. How Could Anyone Resist?

Flora & Fauna Café

Brand Identity/Strategy | Logo | Social Media | Case StudyFall 2022

Project Overview

Flora & Fauna Café is looking for a strong visual identity that embodies their beliefs and attracts a youthful audience. The café is based in San Diego, CA and makes efforts to bring the community together and advocate for the environment. They are looking for a logo and word mark, visual identity including posters, social media assets, typography, and colors, as well as merchandise designs for customers to enjoy.


As the sole creative on this project, I developed everything from the fictional café I used as a client. I began with creating a tone and environment for my client and from there, designed a visual identity with accompanying merchandise, social media, and marketing components. With feedback from peers and mentors, I created a unique and fresh brand identity that speaks to their location, audience, and mission.

Mission Statement

Flora & Fauna Café is a trendy, queer-owned coffee shop based in sunny San Diego, CA where youthful people go to grab a quick bite, enjoy refreshing drinks, or recharge with house-brewed coffee. Flora & Fauna Café roots their values in community and the environment and their brand identity reflects that across all aspects. Flora & Fauna Café's mission is to bring people together and provide a space that is designed with the energy of Southern California in mind.

Branding assets and materials laid out on a flat surface

Brand Anatomy

Thanks for reading this far! The direction I chose to go in for the brand identity was based on trending design elements combined with unique typography, texture, and color applications. I wanted to evoke the freshness of San Diego, as if this café sat at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean as waves crash onto the warm sandy beaches. Flora & Fauna speaks to the plant and animal life of San Diego and brings the outside in. When it came to choosing the typography, I knew I wanted to keep things simple, opting for two sans serif fonts, having a chunky font as the primary typeface in the word mark. The ampersand used as the logo represents the fluidity of nature and brings in the life once more. I applied a halftone effect on the marketing assets to draw in more attention on the images and give a new and different take to selling products, targeting a younger audience who is all about keeping things simple.

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