Lily's Café
Bringing New Life To A Family-Owned Business.

Lily's Café

Brand Identity | Logo | Website | Creative Strategy | ClientSpring 2024

Project Overview

Lily's Café is a Family-Owned restaurant in Plano, TX. They specialize in Guatemalan cuisine, and approached me in December 2023. I love being able to support family-owned, Latino owned, small business and jumped at the opportunity to create something that is unique, inspired, and driven by community. The project consisted of designing a timeless logo, including refreshed branding, an updated menu, and new website. In addition to spearheading the design overhaul, I worked with Director of Operations, Daniel Recinos in curating a comprehensive marketing strategy to boost community outreach and engagement for Lily's Café.


Being the sole designer and creative on this project, I made sure to hit the ground running, ensuring my best and highest quality work. I lead presentations with organized pitch decks, facilitated the creative process with the client manager, and relied on my creative intuition to bring my work to life. Developing content schedules and implementing marketing strategies was a fun addition to the creative side of the project, as I was able to see the work truly come alive in different applications. I joined Lily's Café at a time when their social media presence was just starting, but I made it my mission to find every avenue of outreach possible to spread the word of their Grand Re-Opening Ceremony, happening June 1, 2024.

Mission Statement

"Lily’s Café is dedicated to bringing the vibrant flavors of traditional Guatemalan cuisine together with classic Texan breakfast and brunch. Through our delectable menu and inviting atmosphere, we provide a gathering place where loved ones can share memorable meals together, with a sense of warmth and connection within the community."

When the project was in the preliminary stages of discovery, a major factor that was pointed out to me was that the demographics of the neighboring community for Lily's Café was largely White and many attended the nearby college. Knowing this information, I wanted to create an identity that would be easily recognized and modern, while still speaking to the roots of the owners. A contemporary logo will bring local customers by the dozens!

Brand Anatomy

Thanks for reading this far! A lot of heart and thought went into crafting this project, and I hope you've enjoyed it! When it comes to designing for Black and Brown clients, I make it a point to capture the heart they pour into their work and reflect that in their logo and brand. The roots of Lily's Café begin in Guatemala, and their identity captures the beauty of the country. The focal point of the logo features the national bird of Guatemala, the enchanting Quetzal bird. Inside the bird– at the heart, if you will– we find the initials of the restaurant, "LC." This speaks to the closeness and love I saw while working with my friends at Lily's Café, and seeing the joy on their faces with every presentation of their new identity. Lastly, the logo features a sun element around the bird. The sun further drives the story of Guatemalan beauty, drawing from the breathtaking views from historic locations such as Lake Atitlán. Bringing each element together, we find a cohesive and captivating identity that radiates professionalism, family, and hard work.

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