Artist Posters
Made Purely From Spontaneous Inspiration And Adobe Experimentation (Should I Make Prints Soon? 👀)

Poster Series

Graphic Design | Poster Design | Starting December 2020

Project Overview

The purpose of this series is to further develop my creative practice and hone in my design skills. Fall 2020 was my first introduction to Adobe Creative Suite and through a Zoom class, I learned the basics of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. From there, I began to explore each system on my own and learn the in's and out's of design and began developing my own style.


As the sole designer of each poster, I took inspiration from many of my favorite music artists and the creative direction from photoshoots they were in. Their style, music, and self expression inspires me daily to create and push myself to build on my own creative portfolio.

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